The Governor of Christian Religion In Jakarta In Prison 2 Years.

The Governor of Christian Religion In Jakarta In Prison 2 Years.

    I am not an expert in writing news, nor am I a political observer in this country of Indonesia. I am writing this because it has to do with religion and freedom of citizens, moreover I am a Christian also like Mr. Ahok and I deeply regret that we as minorities can not enter into the circle of government.

Mr. Ahok is a Chinese and Christian. Ethnic Chinese are not new ethnic groups in Indonesia because they also exist and participate in the fighting during colonial times during World War II. In the past, Indonesia was a peaceful country full of diversity in terms of ethnicity, religion, culture and language.

Ahok became governor at the start when President Joko Widodo was elected as President, initially Joko Widodo and Ahok was the governor and vice governor of Jakarta at that time. When Joko Widodo joined the presidential election and won it, the governor's position was given to Ahok. From the beginning of Ahok's career as governor in place of jokowi, there was already a rejection of Ahok from the hard-line Islamic organizations that forced him to not become Governor. They say that his legal haram is led by a Christian governor. It is very in love because Indonesia is a country with a diversity of laws in the Islamic religion that prohibits Christian leaders of course harming us as a minority in this country, and of course we can not grow if it continues like this.

I am very disappointed with my country, what if I or other minorities want to participate in building the country, of course we will be greatly hindered by the Islamic law which I think is very wrong if applied in a country that has diversity like Indonesia. In my mind, I want it to move to continental Europe or America, where the Christian population is its majority population. I want to discard the status of my Indonesian nation and become a European or an American, I will love my new country very much, sorry to be a shameful Indonesian.

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